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Tuesday, 3-Jul-2007 06:36
Mystery: Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)
Some of the UFO pictures date back to the very early days of photography and some are just about as modern as they can get. Regardless of what year the UFO picture was taken the fact remains that they are all thought to be real UFO pictures.

This photo was taken in the forest in Russia when a UFO was reported to crash.

this photo of a UFO flying over Detroit, United States in the mid 1970's.

Photo of UFO taken in Las Vegas, United States.

Photo taken in the 1950's in California is clearly shows two UFO crafts.

An airplane approaching the UFO in the sky.

This photo was taken on the hillside in Wales, United Kingdom.

This is a classic UFO photo from the 1960's. A farmer in Wyoming United States was out tending his field when he saw a UFO flying over his field.

This picture was taken by accident. The cameraman thought he was just taking a picture of an odd star in the sky but when zoomed in on the picture what he thought was a star was really a UFO.

This photo was taken in the early morning when a paper boy was doing his rounds in rural America.

This picture would have been taken sometime in the early 1960's in Kentucky, United States.

This UFO picture was taken just as twighlight was ending and the glow from the UFO was at its brightest.

This photo was taken in Devon, England.

this photo is from the 1940's but we aren't exactly sure of the date and where it was taken.

This area in New Mexico is a well know UFO sighting spot.

This slightly blurred photo shows the UFO in movement in the sky. You can imagine the speed of the UFO when you realize how much it moved in just the time it took the person taking the UFO picture to take the picture.

This is another photo that was taken in the 1960's. Source said it hovers for nearly an hour before vanishing.

In this picture shot in the 1970's we are lucky enough to see a man on the ground reacting to the UFO spotted in the sky.

This time it is a photo taken over the Alps in Switzerland.

This UFO picture was taken hovering over a castle in Germany.

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